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Article on Microeconomics

This article is an eye opener into the world of oil prices, demand and supply and how spending on one commodity can affect demand for other goods and services. Economics has been defined as the art and science of choosing between infinite wants and the finite means at one’s disposal to satisfy them.

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Basic economics Assignment microeconomics

a. Reasoning 5 2. b. Change in Methods of Production of Australia 6 2. c. Why Do Tourists Pay Higher Prices for Goods and Services in a Foreign City than the Local Residents of That Country? 7 3.0. Complementary Products: Bread and Butter 7 Condition (a) 8 Condition (b) 9 4.

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Microeconomics article analyses essay

The rise in the rents has taken a lead as compared to salary rises, making it difficult for people to afford rents. As a consequence of the sharp rise in the rent the tenants are going into arrears. The article uses the principle of supply and demand for the explanation of the rise in the rents.

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Article summary

Authors argue that these measures can be influenced impacting actual student learning. At secondary and elementary level, teachers usually teach with the focus on ‘test’ and in postsecondary level, professors can reduce academic curriculum to enhance student evaluation or in some circumstances can even directly inflate the grades.

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Business Economics / Microeconomics Assignment

In view of the continuous surge in demand, Sony plans to increase its PSP supply to one million units in order to address the prevailing shortage, which would be further aggravated with the upcoming Christmas season (Wray 2005). Truly, Sony's PSP has effectively captured market interest and managed to gain competitive edge over its closest rival in the portable game segment, Nintendo's GameBoy.

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Current Issue Assignment - Article Summary and Analysis

The Israeli drug developer, Taro Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., has recently lost its Chief Financial Officer along with another financial management executive because of a report that “assigned

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Microeconomics article analyses essay

The article uses the principle of supply and demand for the explanation of the rise in the rents. The demand and supply gap for property is rising in the UK. The accidental landlords, the ones who have

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Article review focus microeconomics

Domestic supply of light crude is going to surpass demand that is what Ed Morse, commodities research head at Citigroup wants to emphasize. Things have

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Microeconomics class; News Article Analysis

However, following the increasing income inequality amongst the Americans, some economists doubt this belief. Inequality may increase the levels of poverty in a country, if low-income citizens face low productivity, as well

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Article Summary

The problem is that the organization is experiencing higher attrition rate and low employee morale. The author states that the report that was compiled by the committee has not provided a solution for the problem and solutions are expected to be

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This is an example of the my expectations for the Article Summary AssignmentArticle Summary 1: Rethinking the 4 P's Marketing to another business, differs greatly from marketing to consumers, yet there are marketers that continue to follow the traditional 4 P’s of marketing: price, promotion, product, and place. The author wrote about this topic to highlight an error that many marketers are making in their efforts to offer solutions to other businesses, but are going about it by creating product-focused strategies, instead of a strategy to put solutions at the forefront. In addition to addressing the mistakes that marketers are making in the B2B world, the author offers a better way to craft strategies that will have far better success, by shifting away from the four P’s of price, promotion, product, and place and towards the SAVE system, solution, access, value, and education (Ettenson, Conrado, & Knowles, 2013). The thesis of this article is “As a framework for fine-tuning the marketingmix, the P's--product, place, price, andpromotion--have served consumer marketers well for half a century. But in the B2B world, they yield narrow, product-focused strategies that are increasingly at odds with the imperative to deliver solutions.” (Ettenson, Conrado, & Knowles, 2013). The author points out that although the four p’s of marketing are still applicable to marketing, they need to be looked at differently when it comes to B2B marketing in order for it to be successful. The article gives a different way of approaching marketing for the B2B business model, centered on the SAVE (Solution, Access, Value, and Education) model to begin formulating marketing strategies. Motorola began using the SAVE format to market their business to other businesses and moved away from the four P format by having management become more focused on presenting the actual benefits and how they can help the client, not just what the features of the product are or how advanced it is. Next, Motorola began creating

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