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Wjec Media Studies Gcse Coursework Examples Of Idioms

Use of Language

Cover-Lines and Sell-Lines

Language is used creatively by magazines and attract attention, trigger certain cultural signifiers for the audience, as they only have a small space and time to get the audience to buy the product. So they use the following linguistic techniques.

Cover-Lines – These refer to the Cover story and are the most important part of teasing an audience to buy the product.

Sell-Lines – These are other lines for other articles and features on the front cover other than the main Cover Line.

Study the list of the linguistic techniques used below to entice an audience to buy the magazine


Grammatical Techniques

Teasers (these give us a clues as to the storyline)Modifiers (these use adjectives to enhance the meaning)

Ellipsis (these miss out vital information from the sentence to create an immediate impact)

Minor Sentences (these are not full sentences and are economical and immediate)

Declaratives (these are simple statements)

Imperatives (these start with verbs to act like commands or instructions)

Interrogatives (these are formed as questions to stimulate an immediate response from the reader)

Exclamations (these are exaggerated statements using exclamation marks for emphasis)

Hear Jordan’s new secret!

Delicious cook ahead feast

Lose your Belly!

Hair to send him mad!

Sugababes get mucky

Get stress off your back.

Want to get your man?

Nice tackle!

RhymeCreates a pleasing connection between words.Snatch him and catch him
AlliterationEmphasises words through repeated consonant wordsSix Simple Secrets
AssonanceUses same vowel sounds for emphasis.Fake Mates
PunsUses play on words and comic connections between words.How to spring little lambs
Polysemoususe of double, or ambiguous meanings for comic, sexual referenceNice Tackle! (about Rugby players – oo-er!)
Intertextualityuses a well known phrase in another media text to create a pleasing connection for the audienceLord of the Bling! (Rings)Look who’s stalking?
Idiomatic PhraseUses existing phrases for comedy by using different words or changing the meaning slightly.Snogs Ahoy!
ContractionsShorten words to make new ones.The Boys Spesh!

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