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Informal Essays

While many assignments from instructors are formal types of essays, the informal essay is usually written for enjoyment. It is similar to fiction and poetry in the imagination is used to express oneself. Some writers who have been published with informal essays are Virginia Woolf, Henry David Thoreau, and Barry Lopez. The informal essay can inform the audience, but it has more of a relaxed style of writing. It is more personal than most essays and allows the writer to express him/herself more than other types of essays. Often instructors assign these types of essays to get to know the student as well as the individual writing style.

Sample Paragraph of an Informal Essay:

A girl with brown hair and brown eyes stood on the stage looking at the audience. She smiled and began to sing. Her dream was finally coming true. All her life she wanted to stand in front of an audience and sing. Her mother sat in the audience with a smile on her face. As Joanna began to sing she realized the importance of being in show choir. She could barely believe she had almost canceled being in show choir during high school. What if she had not chose this path? Perhaps her dream might not have come true.

This brief paragraph is used to give an example of an informal essay written about a person's dreams. While Joanna may never achieve this dream, it was written for fun. Informal essays are created as the writer expresses his/her thoughts while making the essay enjoyable. It is an excellent way to express one's feelings while not getting bogged down in formal styles of essays. Informal essays are creative imagination at work.

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If you have ever written a letter to a friend, or a post in a forum thread, congratulations! You have a good idea of how an informal text looks, which will help you a lot when you have to write your first essay of this type. However, school assignments usually have a specific set of styling and formatting requirements which you should be aware of. If you haven’t ever been given this task before, it can be very helpful to look at some trustworthy examples first. Nowadays there are a variety of places where you can find free informal essay samples. Knowing how to actually look for these will save you a lot of time. So, take a look at this list of useful tips below:

  • Ask your teacher.
  • This is the first, and easiest, thing to do when looking for a good and free essay sample. Many tutors have worked long enough to have literally gathered piles of papers written by former students. The best thing about getting an example from the same person who gave you the task, is that you can actually see his or her requirements by judging the corrections

  • Surf the Internet.
  • Pick any search engine you like, and just type the topic you need to write on. The worldwide web is a big storage of various sorts of texts, so just make sure you know exactly what you are looking for.

  • Look through printed materials.
  • Articles and guides can be of great help when it comes to finding a good informal essay sample, since they often contain proofread texts with an editor’s commentary on common mistakes and points to pay attention to. So it is definitely worth visiting your local library.

  • Check free online databases.
  • These are a great source of an almost infinite amount of informal texts. However, be extremely careful when using these. Since these storages allow any submission you will have to browse through a lot of badly composed essays, with a lot of stylistic and grammatical mistakes, before actually finding a good one. Also, avoid copying exact words from these examples, as they have probably been turned in many times before.

  • Ask your friends and family.
  • If you have older siblings or schoolmates, check if they have any of their informal essays left. Many people keep these, even after they graduate, so it is very likely that you will find some samples easily. Make sure to ask about the grades they received for their papers, so that you know what to expect.

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