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Comp 274 Week 2 Homework

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Words Commonly Confused Worksheet Part 1: For each of the following sentences, circle the word or words that best complete the sentence correctly. 1. I couldn’t decide (which / witch) color shoes I wanted. 2. If a cat falls (of / off) the counter, it will land on its feet. 3. Make sure you do (your / you’re) homework right after school. 4. I talked (to / too / two) my brother yesterday. 5. (Are / Our) you going to be on (are / our) baseball team? 6. He bought (to / too / two) speakers (to / too / two) complete his stereo system. 7. I saw (their / there / they’re) mom sitting (their / there / they’re). 8. I think (their / there / they’re) in trouble! 9. New…show more content…

27. In study hall, all students must be (quiet / quite). 28. He (threw / through) the ball right (hear / here) and broke a car window. Part 2: Circle the misused words in the paragraph below. Above the error, write the correct word choice. In Cambodia, around 55 miles north of Phnom Phen, tarantula spiders our (are) commonly eaten by the locals, but travelers who pass threw (through) often try them, to (too). (Would you take a bite of one? I don’t no (know) weather (whether) I would or not. I’d have too (to) be starving! Maybe their (they’re) better then (than) worms, though.) The practice began in the days of the Khmer Rouge when food was to (too) scarce and the people where (were) hungry. But apparently the locals developed a taste for the furry eight legged arachnids, and now their (they’re) a major part of the town’s dietary intake. According too (to) the people who eat spiders, there (they’re) quiet (quite) good! Hundreds of spiders are hunted, cooked, and sold every day in what must be one of the more unusual 'fast food' arrangements in the world.
(From weird-food.com)
Part 3: On a separate sheet of paper, write one sentence for each set of words, underlining each commonly confused word. (You may write more than one sentence per set if needed.) Staple the paper to this sheet. Example: I’m quite excited that the students are quiet today so we can all write! 1. (were, where, we’re)

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