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Woody 2000 Case Study Answers

Woody 2000 project analysis, appraisal and review

a. What were the contracting alternatives open to Woody's? Which would have been best and what would that have involved?

b. How should the contracts(s) be organized and tendered?

c. How should they be administered ?

d. Were the original Woody 2000 project's requirements delivered?


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A. Woody's was given the option between hybrid cost plus and a cost-reimbursed contract, other alternative contract vehicles that could have been looked at include, they eventually went with the cost plus contract type. They should probably have gone with the initial cost-reimbursed contract, which would have involved EID taking on most of the contract ...

Solution Summary

This solution is compromised of a detailed explanation for:

1. The Woody 2000 project contracting alternatives

2. How the the Woody 2000 project contracts should be organized and tendered

3. How the Woody 2000 project contracts should be administered

4. An explanation on whether the original Woody 2000 project requirements were delivered.

5. Attachment for original Woody 2000 project case study

Wideman, developed a case study of a construction project which highlight the problems and the challenges which could face a construction project. In response to this case study i have prepared a full project management plan, identified the problems and the mistakes in the case study, and highlighted the correction actions as per the following table of content:

See the case study from the author link : http://www.scribd.com/doc/117956094/Woody-2000-Project

Then download my 28 pages paper along with attachments as per the following table of content.

Reference to (Wideman (n.d)) case study subject of the woody 2000 project, Author divided the project into five main topics. First topic is project background information, which highlight the project sponsor, project objectives and identified problem in the case study. Second topic is the project management plan methodology and the planning tools / software used in the project. Third topic is the project management plan, which include the project feasibility study, Scoping Process Group, Planning Process Group, and Launching Process Group. Fourth topic is the update of the project management plan to monitor the project progress and close the project. Finally, the fifth topic is the author conclusion and recommendation of the case study.

A-      Project Background information

1.       Project Sponsor:

2.       Project Objectives:

3.       Problems mentioned in the case study:

B-      Project Management Plan methodology and external resources

1.       Planning Methodology

2.       Resources used in the planning

C-      Project Management Plan and Statement of Work (SOW)

1.       Feasibility Study

2.       The Scoping Process Group

a.       Assign a project manager

b.       Develop a high-level project execution method statement.

c.       Review the project headlines with the sponsor.

d.       Identify the components of the project management plan.

e.       Secure the sponsor approval to plan the project.

f.       Hire and assign project management team.

3.       The Planning Process Group

a.       Create project work break down structure WBS.

b.       Define all the works in the project by developing an activity list.

c.       Estimate the activities duration.

d.       Estimate activities resources.

e.       Estimate project cost.

f.       Sequence the activities, and adjust activities duration

g.       Allocate cost and manpower to the activities

  • Original Manpower histogram:
  • Leveled Manpower Histogram
  • Primavera Cash Flow:
  • Microsoft Excel Cash Flow:

h.       Develop risk management plan.

  • Mitigate the risks:
  • Transfer the risks:

i.        Develop closing, testing and commissioning plan.

j.        Setup the project progress evaluation criteria

k.       Create drawings and materials tracking logs.

  • Shop drawings log:
  • Materials tracking log:

l.        Gain the sponsor approval to lunch the project.

4.       The Launching Process Group

a.       Recruiting the project team

b.       Establishing the scope change management process

c.       Managing team communications:

d.       Finalizing the project schedule:

D-      Update of the Project Management Plan

1.       The Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

a.       Report project performance:

b.       Call for weekly meeting:

c.       Monitor the project risks and identify new risks.

d.       Process project changes:

2.       The Closing Process Group

E-            Conclusions and recommendations

Download the 28 pages project management plan and the attachments:

Download the case study: Case Study

Download the case study attachments: Case Study Attachments


KERZNER, H., 2009. Project management [electronic book] : a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling / Harold Kerzner. Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2009; 10th ed.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, 2008. A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK guide). 4th edn. Newtown Square, Pa.: Project Management Institute.

Wideman, M. (n.d.) Project management case study: the custom woodworking company – Woody 2000 project [Online] Available from http://www.maxwideman.com/papers/woody2000/intro.htm [accessed 11 November 2013]

WYSOCKI, R.K., 2012. Effective project management. 6th edn. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley.


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