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A Special Day To Remember Essay


It was a blazing hot summer’s day of the year 2050.It was currently 48 degrees which was the highest temperature on record. Some people say it was caused by global warming, while others thought it was a freak heatwave. Although it seemed temperatures were just intensifying over the previous years. Sam and Greg were casually surfing the two metre waves trying to they spot the perfect one in the distance. The water was crystal clear and clean which made it extremely difficult to pick the best waves. They quickly discussed who was going to have the next one. Sam won the discussion and prepared for a ride of his life until he lost his focus as an amateur surfer stole the wave out of nowhere.

Sam and Greg paddled back to shore furiously; Sam was full of anger and wanted a heartfelt apology. “What the hell? You took my wave!” yelled Sam. The amateur surfer turned around. “A Capulet?” Replied Abbott at the same pitch as Sam

“A, a, a Montague?” questioned Greg

“Mate, we are all proud members of the Montague’s. This is our beach so leave!” said proudly by Tim

“Excuse me mate but this has been our beach for the past thirty years. This is your first and last warning, leave now or forces will be used” Countered Greg.

“I’m taking that as a threat, now piss off or fight!” Abbott replied confidently.

“Fight?” questioned Sam

“Fight we shall!” Tim responded

Tim quickly pulled out his nine millimetre customised handgun hidden between his underwear and board shorts. He fired only one and missed miserably at close range. Ben came out of nowhere and basically screamed to Greg “Set up the automated sniping machine and HURRY!”

“I’m on it” shouted Greg

Gunshots were flying everywhere and innocent bystanders were falling to the ground which at the beginning was caused by Tim and his dreadful shooting accuracy. “Machines up and running Ben, so take cover”, screeched Greg.

Ben, Sam and Greg took cover whilst the sniping machine did its...

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The day was hot and sunny. I was lying in the front yard on my back when my mother called me inside to have something to eat.

“Come, my darling, and take a piece of a sandwich or two,” my mother gently called.

But, I was always a bit of an uncontrollable child – or might I say, a naughty child – when I was growing up. So I pretended that I didn’t hear her. As my mother is a clever mom, she just said: “Okay then. I think that you are going to have to go and buy bread. This time she didn’t say it so gently. This was punishment for not responding when I was called.

So, I quickly went inside. But, it was too little too late. The money was already in my mother’s hands. With a grin on her face, she said: “Better now than when you start to get hungry…”

I started to frown, saying, “Hayi, hayi, hayi, mama!” That is: “No, no, no, mama” in isiXhosa.

My mother’s wonderful grin turned to a frown – a big horrible frown! She spoke in the most horrible voice – I think she sounded like a lion roaring at its prey – letting me know clearly: “Amanda, don’t test or I will…”

Before she even finished her sentence, I ran out of the door, heading straight for the shop.

When I was crossing the road in a hurry, a car came out of the blue and knocked me out.

“Are you OK?” the driver asked with concern. I’m still not sure if those were his exact words because I was dizzy from the car hitting me like a bull tackling the matador in a bull fight.

By the time I realised what had happened, I had run so fast – like a horse in the Durban July – all the way home.

Until this day, I’ve never told my mother about this incident. How strange it is that all my mother noticed was that I was not hungry anymore.

She only said: “What, did you eat from this bread, little child?” I laughed, she laughed.

I will never forget this day.


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