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Honors College Definition Essays

The Honors College Scholarship Program recognizes incoming first-year Honors students who demonstrate strong academic potential and project active involvement in the Honors community. Recipients are awarded scholarships for one academic year, and maintaining the award is contingent on maintaining good standing with the Honors College. Honors College scholarships are non-renewable, although students may compete for them each year. Please note that these scholarships are separate from the merit-based scholarships offered through the Office of Admissions. Additional information will be included in your acceptance packet.

Only students accepted into the Honors College are eligible to apply for incoming freshman Honors College scholarships. The online application for Honors College scholarships for incoming freshmen opens on February 1.  Incoming freshmen students accepted into the Honors College may log back into the Honors College application portal to access the incoming freshman scholarship application. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST on March 1, 2018. Notifications of Honors College scholarship decisions will be sent via email by early April. Please contact honors@vcu.edu if you have additional questions.  

Purdue Honors College

Transformative education. Wildly interdisciplinary. Driven by a commitment to open-minded dialogue. Purdue Honors College attracts bright thinkers who are driven to leave the world better than they found it.

The Honors College Advantage

  • Original and exciting research and study abroad opportunities.

  • A competitive-edge in employment, graduate school and prestigious national fellowships and scholarships such as the Fulbright and Rhodes scholarships.

  • Global community with access to all the resources and support of a world-class university.

  • Personal career path guidance, mentoring and advising.

  • Collaborative, problem-solving environment with faculty and peers, both in and out of the classroom
Admission to the Honors College

To be invited to apply fo the Honors College you must meet the Nov. 1 Early Action admission application deadline and indicate on the application that you are interested in the Honors College. An Honors College application will be sent via email soon after you complete the admission application.

Selection is through a holistic process that considers a variety of factors, including academics, leadership and community/school activities.

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