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Taecanet Ks3 Science Homework

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Case study of St Paul's College, RC Burgess Hill, Sussex

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Case study of Davenant Foundation School, Essex

"Educake has made my students more enthusiastic about homework, reduced our marking and provides really detailed feedback on their strengths and weaknesses."
Ben Carter, Warden Park Academy, West Sussex

"It’s wonderful! Ever since I have begun to test myself on Educake, I feel I understand Science to such a better degree!"
Esme, Year 11, Manchester

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KS3 Science Homework

Linda Elliott and Veronica Gardner

Save countless hours

Planning appropriate and stimulating homework as well as lessons can prove both challenging and time-consuming. This series provides the Science department with a bank of carefully prepared and varied activities for KS3.

Comprehensive and versatile coverage

Each pack in the series contains 20-30 homeworks, each covering a coherent unit of study and presented in a variety of formats, each of which is designed to test both knowledge and understanding. The homeworks can be used with a wide range of abilities and allow for differentiation within groups. Answers and references are provided in the teacher's notes at the back of each pack. The homeworks are fully illustrated and in most cases provide space for answers.

Note that this series is also available as part of the Digital Library for Science KS3.

Pack 1: Life Processes and Living Things

An ideal source of homework activities and fillers, covering Life Processes and Living Things at KS3.

Pack 2: Materials and their Properties

A wide selection of worksheets for Materials and their Properties at KS3.

Pack 3: Physical Processes

A variety of homework sheets, covering Physical Processes at KS3.

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