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Sample Human Development Research Paper

Top 10 Human Development Topics For Research Papers

Do you need to write a human development paper and you don’t know from where to start? We might have some ideas for you! Choose one of these topics for your human development research paper and you have the chance to impress your professors and get the maximum grade!

  1. Human rights: there is no human development course that does not study the human rights. You discuss how these fundamental rights developed in time and the way they are perceived by the modern society.
  2. The human development index: explain what are the factors that contribute to rank a country and how/why this index was formed.
  3. The millennium development goals: is a set of eight pre-established, world-wide development goals that are supposed to be fulfilled by the end of 2015. Some of these are the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger and the promoting of gender equality.
  4. Aid programs for Africa: here you have plenty of choices; every year there are new projects meant to improve the situation in Africa and to help with education, prevention of diseases or hunger.
  5. Women rights: especially in part of Middle East and Asia, in the last years there was made an incredible progress when it comes to giving women the same rights as men.
  6. Education programs: in the last decade, the number of kids without access to education reduced to almost half. Therefore, the active campaigns that are present in poor areas are very effective.
  7. Autistic child development: many organizations put together every year projects that are meant to facilitate the introduction of autistic children in society. You can study the public perspective regarding autism and search for solutions.
  8. Therapy through art: apparently art has a healing effect over victims or violence or traumatic events. Every city has at least one center that offers therapy with art. Pay a visit there and see how victims are regaining their life.
  9. Minorities: the integration of minorities in society is a constant concern for human development associations. Find out more about the difficulties that minorities in your country are facing every day.
  10. Disease prevention: there are still parts of the world where the most common vaccines are not accessible. Organizations are working hard to provide for these people medicine and medical facilities and to stop the spreading of infectious diseases.


Human Development

Research Paper


Your task is to explore a controversy or complex issue in human development, taking into consideration various points of view and what research has to say on the subject. It isn’t necessary to take sides. You may come to your own conclusions, just be sure your conclusions make sense given the facts you present. 

Important note on topic selection: I DO  NOT want encyclopedic papers that just reports facts.  You should write on a topic you are interested in thinking about. 

An Annotated Bibliographyis required for this paper.  See your syllabus for the due date.

Paper Requirements:

All papers are to have a professional appearance. They are to be typed and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Papers should be about 1250 words long (5 pages). You must use the equivalent of 2 journal articles. Most articles in the popular press count as less than 1 source. Cite your sources using APA style.

Begin by introducing the topic, explaining why it is a controversy and its relevance to human development.  Include relevant background information from the textbook.

Explain the different points of view in the controversy and the relevant evidence. For example, if one side argues that people are influenced by experiences they had before the age of 3, what experiments demonstrate that such memory exists? What experiments demonstrate that such memories have lingering influence?

Summarize the points of view. If you have formed a conclusion of your own, state it and state how you came to your conclusion. If you have not formed a conclusion of your own, say why not. Do you need more information? If so, what questions remain in your mind?

Grading Rubric

 Source qualityRelevanceThoroughnessInsightWriting/mechanics
Exceeds Expectations


Psychology Journals onlyTopic is complex and allows for multiple points of view; topic is clearly related to Human DevelopmentSources represent a variety of points of view, and include the results of scientific research; each is fully described; information from the textbook is integrated into the paperConclusion demonstrates thought and reflection; a synthesis of information from various sources is evidentConsistently follows rules of standard English; Writing is organized, clear and coherent; Sources cited using APA style correctly in text and in Works Cited
Meets Expectations


In-depth articles in the New York Times, news magazines , or Psychology Today and at least 1 Journal articleTopic has at least 2 points of view; is related to Human DevelopmentSources represent at least 2 points of view and are of high  quality (describe scientific research, provide strong logic and evidence; avoid anecdotes); each source is described; the textbook is used in the analysisConclusion is logical and follows from information presented in the paperNo major errors in English usage; Organized for readability; Sources cited using APA style
Approaches Expectations


Brief articles in the New York Times, news magazines, or Psychology TodayTopic is "encyclopedic" (there is only one point of view to have); relation to Human Development is tangentialSources represent only one point of view or are simplistic (simply listing information and not providing sources, logic, or contradictory points of view); the textbook is mentioned, but not used in the analysisConclusion does not follow from information presented or reflects no new thoughtSignificant errors in English usage; some organizational problems; Citations are inadequate
Does Not Approach Expectations

(failing grade)

.com sources with no author or referencesTopic is "encyclopedic"; topic is not related to Human DevelopmentSources represent only one point of view and are simplistic; the textbook is not usedConclusion is weak, unclear, or illogicalMultiple significant errors in English usage; poorly organized; fails to cite sources; is not stapled

Use me as a resource at any point in your paper. I’m glad to help. I may have relevant articles in my office.

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