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REASEARCH PAPER Bridges have been around sense the beginning of time. The Ancient Roman engineers used two significant innovations, the cofferdam and cement. The cofferdam is when the put wooden spikes in to the bottom of the river then used watertight clay over the spikes to make a bridge. Now today there are more efficient ways to make a bridge then just out of cement and clay. There are Suspension Bridges, Arch Bridges, Covered Bridges and many more. Suspension bridges have become a very common method of bridge construction in the last century. For example the Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. These bridges all use the conventional suspension bridge design were large cables…show more content…

Construction of cable-stayed bridges has proven to be less costly then suspension bridges. As a result, Cable-stayed bridges are more widely used. The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, connecting Kobe on the mainland with Awaji on Awaji Island, will be a huge three-span cable-stayed bridge some 3910 meters in total length with a center span of 1990 meters. When completed, it will be the longest bridge of its type in the world, surpassing the Number Bridge in the UK, which has a center span of 1410 meters. The bridge has a wind-proof and earthquake-resident construction, withstanding winds up to 80 meters per second and earthquakes reaching from 8.5 on the Richter scale. This bridge is due to be completed in spring of 1999. There is a suspension bridge which spans the Seine estuary in Normandy, France. The decks of the bridge are designed as special curves so that wind flows across them as easily as over a plane. The bridge has a central span of 2,800 feet. The span is so long that it has been built with a slight upward curve from end to end, to accommodate the effects of the curvature of the Earth. There are also huge cables that have to suspend the bridge in the air. If a bubble collides with another bubble, the result always ends up in a sharing unison. Regardless of there size, no matter what, they will meet the wall at an angle of 120 degrees. Bubbles also tend to burst if dirt is on the bubble or sometimes they will pop when

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Different Types of Bridges Essay

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Different Types of Bridges

The quest for travel has always been one that man has tried to conquer. First, he traveled on foot, and then developed methods of transportation such as boats, but one of the first obstacles that he had to overcome was getting across rivers, waterways, and canals. Today, bridges have become a part of everyday life; hence without them, people would have a much more difficult time going from one place to another. In the United States alone, there are more than half a million bridges (History of Bridges 1).
Although bridges have been in existence since ancient times, they were not first made by man. Nature actually made the first bridges by toppling logs across streams. This was considered the first beam bridge…show more content…

There are different types of arch bridges such as Roman, Baroque, and Renaissance. These different types of bridges are similar in structure, but not in architecture. Arch bridges are a natural form of bridge, they do not need any supports or cables. Arch bridges made from stone do not even need cement to be held together. Ancient Romans have built arch bridges that are still up to this day. The world's first iron arch bridge, which was built in 1779, is still in tact (Wilkinson 24). Arch bridges have pressure at all times. The design naturally puts all of the weight from the bridge to the abutments, which are usually the ground. There is almost no tension on the arch bridge, and whatever tension there is, the curve naturally dissipates it to the under side of the bridge. The bigger the under side, the more tension there will be. Therefore, size limits the strength of the bridge.
The arch bridge must be made of materials that perform well under compression. While the bridge is being built, it is very shaky until the two ends meet in the middle. Arch bridges can cross a span of up to eight hundred feet and can be used to get across large areas where piers cannot be placed, unlike the suspension bridge where piers are mandatory. (Bridges 2)

Suspension bridges are aesthetic, light, and strong. They are the longest type of bridge spanning from two thousand feet to seven thousand feet (Bridges 2). The longest suspension bridge is one point

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