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What Is Means To Be Australian Essay

...What does it mean to be Australian? If I was to go out on the street today and ask random people, what they thought it means to be AustralianI would get a different answer from every person, whether they say that it means that we are strong, brave, proud of our country or that it’s about having a barbeque in the backyard, or going down for a surf every morning. The first one is the ‘Typical’ Aussie bloke, who on his days off from work will go down to the pub and have a few cold beers with mates, or when with the family will cook on the barbeque, while the wife serves cold drinks, and the kids play cricket in the backyard, now this can be true but happens mostly on special occasions and usually involves the whole family. Now there some stereotypes that aren’t true but do get a good laugh out of Australians for example, The fact that people think we have Koalas as pets and that we ride Kangaroos, now I wish this was true but sadly it is not and never will be. Unfortunately there are some stereotypes that are wrong but still give a bad name to Australia, And that’s the fact that some people think Australians are arrogant, rude, way to blunt and are alcoholics, and I think this is untrue. The next thing I’m going to talk about is the celebrations that we have in Australia, like Australia...

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